Monday, 14 March 2016

Whitetail, Purple Sandpipers, Harlequins (20160312) Around the house, and a road trip pays off.

As I was lazing in bed this morning thinking about the upcoming day Deb yelled that there was a deer out in front of the house. So I had to grab the camera and take a look. It disappeared for a few minutes then popped out and stood still for me to capture this, my first image from the home yard.
Later in the day Laurie and Alistair dropped by to try out their new "better beamers". We had a woodpecker and some Chickadees around but the star of this day was this little Golden-crowned Kinglet.
It was a first ever for my visitors so they were pretty pleased. So another image is in order.
A couple of days later Len and I hit up the Halifax Outdoor and RV show and thought since we were in the area we would take a little trip to look for the Harlies one more time this year. We were fortunate enoug to spot them and moved into position to get some shots. While we were setting up this group of shorebirds dropped in.
I believe that they are Purple Sandpipers. If they are, this will be a first for the
blog and dedicated visitors will know that a newbie always gets a second image.
Well back to our whole purpose for this trip and the end of a five or six trip quest. Here is a group of six resting out on the nearby island. You can tell from the sky in these shots the light was pretty shabby.

We spent about 75 minutes with these beauties. Here is one of early images. 
The second tough challenge of the light was that it was behind the birds so another trip is order soon to see if I can get them with sun behind me to give a better quality image. 
So these newcomers to the blog have been a long time coming. I really enjoy the colouration of these gorgeous birds so you will be seeing more soon.
Take some out of your day and put a little "wild" in your life, you won't regret it.

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