Thursday, 14 April 2016

Cardinal, Vulture, Hairy (20160402) A little trip to Toronto

Well, the bride had to go to Toronto for work so we decided to add some weekends and did the drive across the East. It was a long haul but we did it a day. When we were headed out in the morning for a drive out to Lloyd's the male Cardinal greeted us at the car.
While out a Lloyd's we took a little cruise and we found a few Turkey Vultures.
I really like this image showing quite a bit of the back of one of these scavengers.
When we got back to Sharon's I had time to take a walk around and grab a few more springtime like images. The American Robin is a sign of Spring for many.
 Of course the Downey's are out and drumming up a storm these days as well.
Here is a tiny blue flower that I had to capture. I think it is early enough that there are many more to come.
To wrap up my walk I spent quite a bit of time with this little female Hairy Woodpecker.
This little beauty was working the ground versus a tree for her meal this evening.
She was getting something out of the earth. These were taken quite late, nearing sun down.
So from the first thing in the morning through to the last thing in the evening, I had "wild" in my life today. Try it yourself, it'll do you well!

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