Friday, 15 April 2016

GBH, Cardinal, Grackle (20160403) A morning stroll around Toogood pond in Markham.

Now that we are in Toronto for a couple of days, the "clock" had me up a little early, so I took a walk out to the pond. The air was cold (-7c) with a cutting wind that made being out unpleasant. Sometimes that is the price you have to pay. While not a big fan of Canada Geese, I thought I would add this image here with a little behavioural tip for the readers. Any time you manage to find waterfowl "breeding", right after the encounter the male will do some preeningthen almost always do a little wing flap. These are great opportunities if you are after "that" shot.
This local Great Blue Heron seems to have suffered an injury to its middle toe of one of its feet.
The Robins were about in numbers, obviously still migrating through.
When I do get the opportunity for an upclose portrait of a goose, I will grab it.
There were quite a number of Grackles squawking and raising a rucous. This bird is showing its nictitating membrane over the eye while squeaking out some noise. 
It was nice that there were several Cardinals floating around trying to establish their territories. These red birds are just gorgeous and the favourites of many folks. 
Putting the time in nasty conditions seems to have paid off for me today. I am enjoying these Cardinal images.
This next bird was a great surprise. The overnight snow must have made foraging a little tougher than usual. This Red-winged Blackbird dropped in on the snow quite close to me, so I took the shot. 
I'll wrap this post up with a Grackle on the wing. I think this is a bird I might try andget more in-flight shots of, they have a wonderful sheen. 
We had a mid-morning appointment and the chilly conditions chased me in. It was my chance to put a little "wild" in my life!

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