Friday, 29 April 2016

Painted turtle, Leucistic Bald Eagle (20160422) A little fishing trip with Len

We have finally have had a nice day or two so Len and I headed out for a little fishing trip. I was looking forward to heading to an area where we might find some turtles.Whenever I do a post with reptiles or amphibians I think of Kerri and her love of these little critters.
When we first arrived there were at least 6 painted turtles on this single log. Our entry into the lake disturbed them, but they started coming back to continue their basking session.
These three were the most that returned and stayed for a bit to give us the chance for many images.
Of my shots for the day this is my favourite. These are not very large subjects and we didn't dare try to get too close. I love the colours presented here.
We also spotted this clump of "jelly" like material in the water that is likely some lifeform that is in the process of maturing. It would be great to know what this clump actually is.
A little later I grabbed this shot of a turtle at total ease. If you look you can see that his legs are tucked in and his tail is dropped almost vertical.
On the way home it was getting pretty late when we found this beautiful raptor.
It would appear that this is a Leucistic Bald Eagle. It was very late and this was quite a distance off.
I am hoping that we will be able to find this bird again in some better light. I have in flight shots but they were very blurry.  We both managed to get a little "wild" in our lives. Do the same soon, it'll do you well!

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