Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ruffed Grouse, Redpoll, Red Fox (20160405) A quick trip to Algonquin

Well it was just great to touch base with my old school buddy Allan in Callendar. We had made arrangements to head out to Algonquin park, a place I had never been to before. Al had recently retired and had some time on a Tuesday to keep me company, it gave us a great chance to get caught up. It still being "winter" up here in the "great white north" many of the side roads were closed off and the highway was our principle roadway. We did manage to find a short sideroad that produced this Ruff Grouse that Al spotted right on the road.
 Next up on one of the roads through one of the winter camping zones Al spotted this beautiful Red Fox. This little creature was obviously pretty comfortable around people.
I was able to get out of the car and get several shots of this gorgeous subject in and out of the sun. It is one of the critters that the park is known for.
On another side road we were able to travel we found a small flock of Pine Siskins, and I was able to grab this image quickly through the passenger window.
We also found a flock of Blue Jays squawking in a parking area.
It was really nice to get some images of these birds here in Ontario. I post a second here as a tribute to the Toronto Blue Jays, hoping that they can repeat into the playoffs again this season.
As we headed for home we swung through the winter camping spot and not only found our original little Red Fox but its companion as well.
It is easy to see why these subjects capture everyone's heart, they are very photogenic, and can be quite accomodating at times.
Back at Al's place I was able to add a few birds to the day's list. This is the first Redpoll that I have been able to post on the blot this winter.
Then maybe the easiest picking I have ever had for an owl. This is Al's Barred Owl that resides on the wall in the living room.
I'll wrap up this post with another of my favourite winter birds, the Common Redpoll.
A super day spent with a SUPER guy. It was a real pleasure to have the chance to get caught up a little with a guy that I went through grade and high school with.
Put some "wild" in your life, it'll do you a world of good!

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