Thursday, 14 April 2016

Woodcock, Snowshoes, Coot (201603-late) Some local images

I had been tracking the progress of the American Woodcock up the east coast looking forward to the opportunity to go out and see if I could find some. So I took a little stroll very late one evening and was not disappointed. My first encounter of the evening was with a singing Barred owl. While I was able to find the owl, I was uable to get any images. Just a little further up the tracks I stararted surveying what I believed ought to be good Woodcock country, and sure enough I spotted this little unit.
 It was very late, I could hardly see this little bird in my viewfinder.
I was excited to find one so quickly, but the light was fading very quickly, so these images are pretty poor. Thanks to Clarence, I now know that looking for unmated males in May and early June might allow some better lighting as htey travel in the daylight as well. Usually these beauties are only active at night.
The next week I headed out with Laurie Ann, she had picked up a new lens and wante to test it out to see how it would work for her. As I got to the end of our road I spotted two Snowshoe Hare.
It won't be long now and they will be pretty much all brown except their bellies. It is nice to find them in the neighourhood.
I met up with Laurie Ann at Sullivan's pond where there are usually some targets to test a lens with. This Song Sparrow sat nicely for me.
I have been wanting to grab an image of the American Coot's feet. They have three large lobes on their toes that fold back when they drag their feet forward in the water, then splay back out as they push their foot back to assist them with swimming. I also really like the blue colour on the lobes.
Of course I keep trying to get a definitive Mallard Drake image.
The nice thing about the pond, as I noted above, there is always something shoot. I don't often post pidgeons, but this fella just wanted his photo taken to I took it.
It was also very nice to find the spring Crocus out and about, they are beautiful little hardy flower.
On the way back to the truck we were presented with an opportunity by a couple of Blue Jays, who are we to deny that kind of opportunity.
I'll wrap up this post here, I hope you enjoyed the images. Take some time to put a little "wild" in your life!

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