Wednesday, 6 November 2013

2nd anniverary post (20131106)

Well this post puts a second year "in the books". Quite a different year than my first year, where I was learning all about this blogging stuff :) I'd like to thank all the visitors for their time. Here are a couple of stats.
This year, almost 200 different critters, fish, and birds versus 155 last year.
140 posts this year versus 165 last year,
and over 10,000 views this year versus just over 4,000 in my first year.
I missed 24 critters this year that I found last year, but added 64 new animals that I didn't get last year.
Highlights this year would have to be:
the trip to California with 30+ new critters,
my first otters in B.C.,
Whitetail bucks,
all the Owls,
the Waterton trip,
and all the time spent with Grizzlies--It has been a GREAT year.
Some of my favourite shots from the year.
A recent GGO:

From Waterton:
The most striking bear I have ever seen!
A Police Car Moth
A Lady Bluebird
The Grizzly  Russell and I spent a lot of time with,
A Red Naped Sapsucker From B.C.
A Northern Hawk Owl out at the "Cross"
A singing Boreal Chickadee-- GVR
A Snow Bunting from the swarming session-- South East
A gorgeous Whitetail Buck-- FCPP
A snowy of course!  South East
I hope you will agree it has been a GREAT year, here is hoping that Year 3 is even better. If you find yourself out here in Calgary, look me up, we will do a "track" together!


  1. Hey Paul, Congrats on 2 years of regular blogging!!

    Thanks for sharing in words and pictures your outdoor track adventures. They always make for an interesting read... Looking forward to reading your future blogs and hopefully doing some track outings together again in the new year...



  2. Russell, thanks for the kind words! I look forward to getting out with you again. Our day with the Grizzly and Three Toed. We'll have to take that new truck of yours out for a cruise and "get a little mud on the tires" :)