Monday, 25 November 2013

Hairy, Dove, Chickadees (20131123) Birds from Mom's feeder

Well I have been up here at Mom's place for more than a week and Am very disappointed. There just isn't the birds around that we have seen over the past several years. So this is a compilation of what have presented over the week, a pretty sad lot in comparison to any other time that I have visited.
Here is a shot of four American Goldfinches at her feeder taken from inside the house. Our record for the week is 5 so this was pretty good. (20131118)
Tuesday was a little better as we had a couple of additional specie, here is one of Mom's favourites a White Breasted Nuthatch.
His red-breasted cousin came in for a short while as well.
And a small band of Black Caps had to join in on the fun as well. Taken from the Blind these are a little closer.
These are pretty quick little birds that don't hang around long on the feeder, they get a seed and they are GONE!
Wednesday was a totally dry day with no shooting opportunities presented and Thursday was not much better. I did get a couple of shots, one of Mom's local Crows.
A newcomer of late has been a couple of Mourning Doves. She used to have these birds by the tens, but this week one would come early in the morning, then today there were four. These shots were taken from within the house again. It was interesting to watch them in the windy weather. The blowing leaves didn't bothere them at all, and this bird let a leaf blow right up against it without any osrt of reaction. Strange how they "know" what they should pay attention to and what they can totally ignore.
Friday brought another new bird for the week and that was this male Hairy Woodpecker. His red spots on the back of his head seemed to be symetrically placed in the white areas.
Here you can see his "second" red spot on the other side of his head.
That was about the extent of what has been happening outside the house, on the inside Mom's Holiday Cactus is coming into bloom and it looks beautiful.
Looks like Brother Len will be down for the weekend so we should be bale to get out and do a little exploring.  Anxious to get back to Calgary's wildlife abundance :)

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