Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bull Moose, Coyote (20131112) Back in the woods with Kerri (who has eyes as good as anyone!)

Kerri mentioned when we were last out that she had today off and was headed out with her new gear. So I asked if we could travel together. So we were out well beforeday break, and well ahead of the traffic. It was a very quiet morning, with a set of 4 Mule Deer Does on the highway and not much else. we made a one way sweep past one of our favourite spots with not luck, but on our return trip we found this nice fella out for a walk.
He walked across the road and started to lick at something in the ditch.
He was quite comfortable and even got down on his front knees to continue. This is the largest bull that I have been able to find so far this year, and based upon the "bell", a moose that I have never got photos of before.
After a bit, he walk on up the side of the hill and started to browse in a heavily treed draw. As we continued on the sun stayed hidden and the wind started to roar, and the critters continued to hide. In a super twist to the day, Kerri's keen eyes spotted the first ever Northern Pygmy Owl that either of us have ever had the pleasure to see. So that make it a great day! We did find this beautiful young Coyote on the highway, and after a bit of a "jog" it stopped on the side of the road.
Some times we hope that the wildlife would actually sit like a portrait subject, and without even being told, this subject did all on its own.
And one more shot as it exited stage left. This may be my best set of Coyote shots do date.
We made a run to try and find some of Kerri's spots from earlier in the year but to no avail. The wind got pretty strong so we decided to head home. Even on thin day's like this we have a great time.

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