Monday, 11 November 2013

Grey Jays, Whitetail Bucks, and a Ram (20131111) Out to the Ranch

Rememberance Day is always special to me particularly because I am so grateful for this fabulous free country that we live in. I have always historically been in the bush on this day and today was no exception. Jamie was my travel partner today, and I believes he feels the same way I do about the day, so we were set for an appreciative time. The sunrise was promising and we found this first Buck of the day.
We were struggling to find a lot of targets for our cameas but Jamie spotted this very young Buck wandering around wondering what to do with his hormones.
With the fresh snow yesterday, cold night last night and now some sun the trees looked fabulous! We were hunting for some small birds to get shots of in this environment, and it was tough. We managed to find a small band of Chickadees when we stopped to take a look at a long distance cow moose. I would have liked to been able to get a little closer, but this will have to do.
We started to find a few Rough Legged hawks, but the light never seemed to be right for good shots, but they were out there! We flipped over to a close by area and things picked up right away, with Woodpeckers, more RLH's and even some nice Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.  This is the nicest ram we found.
We found 3 or 4 more Whitetail bucks, none with significant headgear but this little 6-point provided the best view and stayed around long enough for a few shots.
So it was shaping into a fabulous day. Yesterday when out with Kerri I had a couple of near accepable shots of a Grey Jay, so today when the opportunity presented itself I spent a little more time to see if I could capture a decent flight shot.
Here is a second, I am pretty happy with these.
And a third of a near landing.
This was a terrific end to a memorable day.  Next time you are in Calgary, drop by and we can create our own memorable day!

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