Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pheasants, Bluejay, Dove, Kinglet (20131114) Part two of Out at Leekie's

It was such a great morning in the blind I decided to spend a little more time in there the rest of the day. I was not disappointed as the birds kept coming all day long. I love the female pheasants and their ability to blend in with their surroundings. This might be my nicest shot of the day.
A little later in the morning upon their return this Hen walked into the dead standing stalks, and stood "stalk still"  :)
It is great when you can grab the BlueJays in a more natural environment showing off their colours!
The Mourning Doves have their own schedule and today was no exception, they appeared right on time.
This might be my favourite shot of one of the Roosters, the fact that it is a mature bird really helps.
Another shot here of one of the dozen BlueJays that Len has in his yard emptying his feeders.
A couple of other sightings in the yard today were Dark eyed Junco's there were about 6 of these ground birds running around scratching up chow. There was also a lone Song Sparrow. Here is a shot of the Junco.
I'll finish this post up with a poor shot of a bird that Len hasn't noticed before, these tiny birds are tough to get as good shot of this time of year. Here is a Golden Crowned Kinglet.
It was just a great day with 1400 shots taken and I have pared it down to just 400 "keepers"!  Thanks to Len and Terr for letting me pass the time in the "fort"! Canada is a great place with Photo Opportunities all over the big broad nation. Drop by and see me in Calgary and I can show you some of the treasures that are held there.

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