Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mule deer Bucks, Landscapes (20131110) Outing with Kerri

Kerri has been having an outstanding year with terrific findins like some nice Grizzlies, a big mature Bull Moose, and a lifetime Lynx! I was hoping that we could match the luck of one of our earlier tracks this year, and get into some major situations today. We hit our "track" well before daylight on an a snowy, heavy overcast morning. This Muley buck was in the company of younger Doe, no telling what they were up to.
Just 20 minutes later we found this Whitetail  Doe covered in snow, it looks like they just got up.
The fawn looked every bit as uncmfortable in the morning frost and cold, but she was focussed on following mom through the day.
We couldn't find a Grouse or an Owl at all today. We were kind of surprized to find this nice, healthy 4x4 buck in an area packed full of hunters, I guess sometimes it is best to hide out in the open.
We suffered a little excitement when we found this lump at the top of a Spruce tree, thinking we had at last found the elusive Northern Pygmy Owl, but it turned out to be a Grey Jay, all fluffed up in the cold. 
Later in the morning we were greeted with a little sun, but the only things available to shoot weren't moving.
We went looking for an American Dipper, a bird I didn't get last year on the blog, and suffered defeat on that target as well.  We did find another moving subject though, water!

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