Friday, 15 November 2013

Pheasants, Blue Jays (20131114) Hiding out at Leekie's place?

While I am not working, my wife suggested that I come down to Nova Scotia and spend some time with my mother.. So I stopped by Brother  Len's place on the way "down the valley". While the days have been shorter and definitely overcast, I managed to find a couple of "targets"!
That was my second rooster of the morning. But I was  very happy with the shot. As the last time I was here, Len has kept his Blue Jays around the feeder, and it was great to get some Blue Jays shots.
I love the colour on the wings of and tails of these fabulous birds
It was terrific t onot only see the rooster's, but to also get a look or two of the Hen's!
It was a complete joy watching as these large game birds were able to drift into and out of sight with their colouration and Camoflage.
It is always great to see the Rooster and Hen together to show off the difference in their plumage.
I'll wrap up my post here with another terrific Rooster shot. I took 660 images within two hours, which tells you that I had a great set of opportunities with both the Blue Jays and the Pheasants. I cannot wait until the afternoon session!
Have a great Wildlife weekend!

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