Sunday, 23 March 2014

Chickadee, Starling , Owlet (20140316) Sunday walk in Inglewood.

With the floods of 2013 still having the Inglewood Bird Santuary closed, the FFCPP found a spot for us to investigate this week. We headed over the Pearce Estate where there is a fish hatchery, and it is very close to the Santuary and we were hoping to find some "spring arrivals". We spied some early returning Robins before I snapped this local year round resident.
As we made our way down to the river this little Downy was hammering on this dead piece of wood. I had to get aeound to the back of the tree to even see him.
One of our harbingers of spring time here in Calgary is the arrival of the Starlings. I find these birds very challenging to get a decent shot of. Here is my first attempt for this year :)
We swung over to the downtown core to have a look at a "set" of triplet owlets that a very early nesting pair have managed to fledge already. Here is owlet one.
Here are brothers/sisters two and three. They appeared to sleeping and not paying any attention to the commotion below them.
Of course Mom is never very far away, but if you do not know to look for her, she can be very difficult to find.
While we were there a local resident popped in to provide us with an opportunity
for an image or two.

That wrapped up the action for our Sunday morning stroll for this week. Who knows what we will find next week.

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