Friday, 14 March 2014

Eagle, Dipper, pigeons (20140311) A quickie with Tim

I am happy that I have been able to get Tim out for a couple of quick runs lately. This morning I was hoping to find him an NHO, we were unsuccessful unfortunatley. We did find this Bald Eagle on the way into the area, and it was still in position as we were returning home.
After seeing Tim off to pick up his daughter, I took a little stroll to see if I could find an American Dipper, a bird that eluded me all of last year. I did find this unit, but I did not have any TC's on so this is a bit of a "stretch" for the 300mm. You can see the membrane that it closes when it is under water in this shot.
I tried to sneak back to the truck to get my 2.0 but it was not there when I returned. In the afternoon I had to pick up the wife's car at a detailing shop and had a couple of minutes to walk around. I found a group of pidgeons and thought I would work on my flight shot technique.
I can see that I am going to have to focus much more on this skill this year.
I likeit when I am able to capture the sun on some of the brilliant colours that they can have. So I am pretty happy with these shots.
Here is a sitting bird with great colour. I find that their eyes can be a tough capture.
I also found some House Sparrows, these were the first birds that I shot with my new D7100 almost a year ago.
That was the end of my expeditions for the day. It is nice to see that things are warming up, spring and all of its colour will be on its way shortly.

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