Friday, 14 March 2014

Mallard, GHO, Whitetail (20140312) Where is that Owls nest?

Having spoken with Jamie about an owls nest in one of our local parks he was interested in seeing where that nest is located. So I met him after work for a short cruise in the part to find the nest. The lady of the house was home, but we could not locate her mate.
As we strolled around we encountered this balance mallard drake on a log in the river. I really like the colours on this unit.
We slid through some of the flood ravaged area and came up on this mature Whitetail buck. You only need to look at the relative size of ears to the head and the thickness of the buck's jowl to see that he is a mature animal. Another indicator is the size of his antler base which is clearly visible.
A little further in the park we found this very young buck which provides a great contrast. Check out the relative size of his ears in comparison to his head. Although difficult to outline here, I believe you can see that this youngster has almost no jowl at all.  Also this yearling has never had a set of antlers as his first set of nubs are still covered with hair.
I'll wrap up this post here as we headed off for a long awaited barbequed burger for dinner. come on out to Calgary and let me find some of these gems for you.

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