Saturday, 1 March 2014

Snowys and Short Eared's (20140228) A quick after work tour with Kerri

Being cooped  up in the house for two days was getting unbearable so when Kerri sent a note that she was headed out after work, I asked that she pick me up. Do to the time of day and waning light we bee-lined it out for our targeted bird area.
We found this little unit pretty much at the same time. We took our shots and moved along. On route to our second "location" we spotted this bird on a post.
A short drive of maybe 3 miles we found this "ground bird" with golden hour light.
Our second "site" netted us three SEO's and we were actually able to grab a couple of shots in the fading light of a pair flying together.
The shots that Jamie took with my camera the other night had me anxious to try out a low light snowy owl shot. Tonight I got my chance, and I am pleased with the results.
We had planned to go after 4 legged carnivores tomorrow, but Kerri thought that we should should be come back and grab some better light shots of the SEO's. I guess we will see what happens.  The weather tomorrow is supposed to be pretty brutal with -40C wind chills. The key will be to find the hunkered down critters before they find us. In under four hours we were able to find four snowy owls, four short eared owls and two great horned owls for a total of 10, not too shabby!

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