Sunday, 23 March 2014

Moose, Sharptail, Tree Sparrow (20140322) A Saturday morning run out to the Ranch

With the potential of Golden Eagles in the area, Jamie and I decided to head out to the ranch to see what was going on out in that area. We headed out bright and early and were right where we wanted to be at the time we wanted to be there. A moose was our first sighting and she just stood and watched us.
Just up the road we found this bull with an unusual "booty", it won't be long now and we will start to see handlebars popping out the tops of their heads.
We found three more moose in an area where I used to see them all the time, then another, and this cow was feeding close to the road.
Our frosty morning luck continued to hold as we found this Sharpie on "the ridge".
This is the first time that I have heard one "call". I have heard them when they flush and they use their warning call, but this was a very different little yelp that this bird was using.
Headed into one of my favourite "dead end" roads we spied these little birds and stropped to investigate. We came to the conclusion that they are American Tree Sparrow.
They were flitting around and very difficult to grab a good shot. We are really looking forward to some more colour to show up soon so we cna get out of Black and White mode.
As we made our way through a very dark area, I spotted fresh grouse tracks, which always get my attention.  Here is a little story shot that shows the tracks coming out of cover and then jumped into the air to fly off.

We grabbed a cup of tea at the back of the road hoping that the sun would burn off some of the low fog hanging around. It was worth the wait as we soon spied this herd of Elk on the other side of the river.
An just a short mile or two to the east we found this group of Bighorn Sheep soaking up the sun and grabbing a bite to eat.
We found a few more moose when we next stopped for tea, but the rest of the morning was a little slow. We were back home by 1:30 and had the rest of the day to tend to chores.  Come on out to Calgary so I can take you out for track and avoid the chores:)

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