Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rough Legged Hawk, Bohemian Waxwings (20140305) A little light on a cold day

After a few pretty cold days and staying home, the sun was shining today and I decided to check out a few spots. On the way over to the NHO I found this lighter coloured rough legged hawk.
He was pretty patient with me and allowed me to get a few shots. This shot of the take off is a little soft, but isn't too bad.
The NHO was not available for viewing today, so on the way home I decided to stop in and see if the "cached" meal was still in place or if it had been consumed.
There was a lot of "little bird" activity down low in the area I had to check, like this Whitebreasted Nuthatch.
The down low activity was being "covered" by several hundred Waxwings that were flitting about up in the treetops.
These are some of the most beautiful birds we get in the winter here. Their colours are just terrific.
 I spent 45 minutes with them as they worked the treetops and occasionally would just sit in the sun. They would fluff themselves up and soak up the sun.
I was able to find my little mouse still in position. I walked through much of the area where I thought a Northern Saw Whet owl might be hiding, but no luck.  The light was fading quickly by this time so I headed home. A great short term outing!

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