Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Waxwings, Wild Horses, Great Grey Owl (20140315) Part two of a great day with Jamie

As a follow up post I to our great morning we were looking out for my second targetted specie a ruffed grouse. Jamie grabbed some outstanding images of Ruffed's a couple of weeks previous. No Ruffed's to be found, but we did happen upon this large group of Waxwings. They were quite a distance off, but Jamie showed me how nice these birds pop of a dark green background.
This was as far out that we were headed so we swung around and headed for home. It has been a very productive and would continue to be so. We found this little "family unit" right from the main road.
From here out we were finding horses everywhere which really buoyed out spirits regarding the recent "cull". It would seem that we would have many targets to come look for in the future. This mare was with her colt and stallion in another family unit.
This white mare with her two companions is a horse which I am certain I have seen before with Dan and Lauren back on this post: Wild horses
These two horses were with the Whitey above. These horses were feeding on a roadside slope and were very approachable, these shots  were taken @ 140mm.
It is always great when you can fill your frame with your target specie. I believe that this is the stallion of the group, as he was far more interested in our movements than the others.
We were estastic over how the day had been going, we had been finding a large number of feet on our journey. We were at 65 horses so far, a new personal best for me.  We were almost out of wild horse country when we spotted the last four  ponies of the day. This is a unique coloured mare with her foal. The stallion was very aware of our presence and "blew" at us a couple of times.
I know that these past couple of posts seem to be full of horses, that is what we went out of find, and it was great to find so many of them. We found another bald eagle and many, many deer on the remainder of our drive home.  We finished our collection of critters with this GGO, the first for Jamie for some time.
This bird was quite patient with us and allowed us to get a little closer.
We had a very eventful day, with outstanding results! As we reviewed our sightings we were amazed at the number of incidents and total number of critters we witnessed.  Come on out to Calgary and let me take you on an amazing day!

A couple more shots by Jamie:
Look at that smile:)
Finally, our last stallion of the day!

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