Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Brown Creeper, Wilson's warbler (20150828) Some back yard birds and a Surprise in Annapolis

Another early morning and on the prowl for the locals and maybe some migrants as they are headed this way now. I believe this little beauty is actually a resident as I have seen them here in the yard before. One of my Nova Scotia favourites are the Black-and-whites.
These next two shots are of a bird that I would always would be happy to find in Alberta. I find them to be tough to photograph, although my buddy Jamie got an excellent image earlier this year, out that way. I have posted this bird from NS previously in Mom's yard. But this is the first time I have captured it here, in my own.
They move pretty quick and with its legs splayed quite far apart they are able to really hug the tree. I will be trying to get better images of these little innocuous critters in the coming years.
 I also found another yard first and that was a female American Redstart, but my images are quite poor. The local song sparrows were out-and-about this morning as well. With my brother Lloyd visiting the schedule was a trip out to see aunt Leah. I stayed at Len's mother-in-laws place and had a great time picking blackberries. I also found this beautiful Wilson's Warbler in her backyard.
It was great to be able to spot one of these favourites here in the "new land".
On the drive home we stopped and had the standard "fish and chips" and spotted three deer near the highway. No stopping though, so no images. That is it for today, but more coming tomorrow :) Maybe then you will be able to put a little "wild" in your life!

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