Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Common Yellowthroat, Hummer, Blue jay (20150825)A visit from Dave

I was puttering around the yard this morning when I received a call from Dave, one of Len's buddies that I have shot with before. I had been telling him about the success for warblers I have been having right off my back deck. So, if I was going to be home, he thought he would "pop" out for a bit. He was glad to have such close proximity to Humming birds so we grabbed a few shots of them.
This young male was willing to pose for us off and on through the morning.
Of course the Blue jays were always available for shots.
I was keeping a watchful eye on the big spruce and maples in the yard for signs of a Magnolia or even a Black-throated Green warbler, but nothing was presenting today. So we stuck with the perennials.
Then at the base of an eastern Maple I spotted a little movement. I don't think Dave was able to find this bird in the under brush, but I was very happy to find this little female Common Yellowthroat.
We were also visited by this lone juvenile Grackle. I thought it odd that it was all on its own.
All in all I think Dave spent about 90 minutes observing with me. He really loved the hummers and took a number of shots. Well, perhaps you should go and visit a buddy's back yard to put a little "wild" in your life!

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