Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vole, Mystery Butterfly, Whitetail (201507-early) A composite of several days.

As the title suggests this is a composite of several days that basically cover early to mid-July. Moving in still takes the vast majority of my time, but when I spot something I will try and grab an image. This little Dark-eyed Junco was shot on the front lawn. There are a few of them around and my knowledge of my "back yard" birds is increasing.
Later in the day Deb came home and told me about a "white" fawn she had just seen within 2 kilometers of the house. She said the mother was there too, but she was pretty excited about the white fawn, and knew I would be too. So I grabbed my camera and headed right out. All I could find was the doe. I didn't want to hang around and make her uncomfortable, figuring I would likely get a crack at the white one a separate time. As it turns out Len spotted the fawn about two weeks later. A couple of images can be seen on this post. Here is Mom.
About a week later we were headed out to visit Mom and I spent a little time in the back yard with my Blue jays.
This might be my best "blue jay whisker" shot yet!
I was also visited by the males of the local Hairy Woodpecker family. I first spotted Junior on one of the larger Maple trees. I really enjoy watching as their red feathers make their way towards the back of their heads as the summer progresses.
While Junior was quite a distance off, I managed to capture Dad much closer.
The next day I found this "new to me" butterfly. It is pretty small and pretty well camouflaged on the deck boards. 
So if anyone can identify it for me I would greatly appreciate knowing its proper name. From this view you can see that it is about 1 inch wide. 
Then a week later, we were getting ready to head out to a family reunion. I spotted some movement down in the ditch and foudn this local resident. With Meadow Voles around, will I find any owls?
So I'll wrap this post up here.  Quite a montage of different days, but then again, at this point everyday reveals something new at the house. Get outside and put some "wild" in your life!

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