Saturday, 5 December 2015

Robins, Flicker, Blue Jays (20150726) The Pincherries are ripe!

Well yesterday morning I woke up and found a raccoon at the top of my largest Pin-cherry tree. I was too slow getting out there with the camera for a shot, but all day the birds were in and out feeding. So today I thought I would take some time and see who else was interested in the little fruit. Momma Robin was one of probably 10 or 15 of these birds feasting on the bounty.
The lighting was pretty terrible as I am shooting into the shady side of the tree. It was nice to see that Mom was teaching the youngsters where a good supply of food is available.
The Robin wasn't the only youngster around today. This is one of four or five young Juncos that visit the yard regularly.
Although I never actually witnessed this Northern Flicker "eat" the Pin-cherry, it certainly seemed interested enough to!
The local Chipmunks were also chowing down to these little red fruit.
Another keen observer was this Blue Jay. This is another bird that, while present, I didn't actually see eat any fruit.
I spent quite a long time following the Flicker around through the view finder. I find that they spend a lot of their time "squatting" with their apparently short legs.
So I will mark late July on the calendar as "Pin-cherry" ripening season and will continue to watch and learn what happens to the little red fruit. If you get even a chance today, try and put a little "wild" in your life!

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