Friday, 4 December 2015

Siskin, cardinal, flicker (20150711) Some of Mom's yard birds.

After spending some time at home on a beautiful morning, we headed over to visit Mom to see how she was enjoying the weather. We took the more relaxing route and road was uneventful. The yard at Mom's place seemed to be hopping though. We were greeted with gorgeous female American Golfinch in all her finery.
Next up I was able to whistle in her local male Cardinal. This is truly a bird that I missed while in Alberta, although I could usually capture images of them whenever we are in Toronto.
This next shot isn't as clear, I was shooting out through the sun room window. This mother Downy was out gathering food to feed her brood. A nice dark bug will have some protein!
Back outside a little later and I was able to track down this female Flicker as she called.
Out in front of the house, where the feeder is located, the Pine Siskins were chewing up Mom's seed.
And we wrapped the afternoon up with one of her few Mourning Doves. It was a super way to document some of her great birds.
So take some time today, and put a little "wild" in your life!

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