Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bald Eagles, Redtail Hawks (20160223) Can we find an Eagle today?

An emergency run to the valley (sort of) to check in on a small leak and the promise of good weather. Dave joined Len and I this morning and I was relegated to the the back seat. On the run out the 101 Hawkeye Len spotted 15 or 16 different redtails. With our pit stop compete (we couldn't do anything about the leak) we headed out for a few birds. On our way over to Sheffield mills this bird was spotted.
We continued to spot Red-taileds and now we were willing to take some time and try to capture an image.
It is always nice to get to see why these birds have "earned" their names. This is a pretty heavy crop of the image.
On one of our favourite side roads we found this pair of RTH's watching over a very large field.
After a little road time when we were checking out a potential accipitor, Len spotted this beauty!
Here is a heavier crop of the same bird. While I had a great seat to shoot this bird, I didn't take advantage of the situation to grab a head only shot!
And as seems to be the case these days we were also able to find the odd Chickadee.
What a terrific day for light as well. We had a great time putting a little "wild" in our lives on a super day. Do the same sometime, you will love it!

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