Monday, 2 May 2016

Hen pheasant, Osprey, Mallards (20160425) A local run.

Laurie Ann has commited to showing me a local spot where some Hoodies have been seen quite regularly. Early in the morning I was able to capture this hen pheasant in the yard. We haven't had them all winter, then all of a sudden she appears.
As I was getting into the truck to head to our meeting place, I found this little sweetheart sitting in the Maple.
No sooner had the finch left than this Dark-eyed Junco popped in to take its place.
We met up at Timmy's as planned and headed out to this new (to me) location. we were very fortunate to be greeted by an Osprey pair. Nest reno's were in full swing.
 Laurie Ann and I looked for a good spot to set up the blind, and sat and waited for the Hoodies to appear. As is the cose in most situations around water, you don't have to wait long for something to show up and provide an opportunity.
Even when there is no critter available, even the Cat tails will sit quietly for you.
While no Hoodies presented themselves we did see this lovely litle family of Mallards. My first babies of the season.
It is always good to see the babies.
The Grackles were out and about today as well.
So even with no Hooded Mergansers we still managed some great wildlife in our presence today.

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