Saturday, 27 April 2013

Muskrat, Beaver, Flickers Couldn't stay home with the Sun out. (20130427)

Well, after a little nap, the sun was shining so I thought I'd take a quick trip over to the IBS. I was hoping that  with the sanctuary being in the river bottom, maybe the wind wouldn't be too bad. It was pretty late and   the "golden hour" light was available.
This little Muskrat was joined a little later by a pair of Mallards. It was still very windy and very little in the way of bird life was out and about. I didn't disturb this goose as I passed.
Even the pond was pretty much deserted. A pair of Mallards, a male Woodduck, and this Bufflehead.
I was also presented with an opportunity for a shot with this Beaver.
I finished up with a pair of Yellow Shafted Flicker males disputing territory. Because they were "preoccupied" with one another, I was able to get pretty close.
And a shot of the two of then together.
It was a great way to finish the evening. Tomorrow morning we are off to Carburn Park where there is a nesting pair of GHO's. The young have hatched, so I am hoping for some good shots of the owlets.
Hoping you are having a great wildlife week.

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