Saturday, 27 April 2013

Deer, Meadowlark, Swans, Hoping things improve tomorrow (20130427)

Slept in a little this morning, last night was our 25th anniversary of being "together". The weatherman was touting sunny skies, but also threw in winds of 30-50 kph which shut almost everything down. I did spot a moose early, and a group of 11 Muley's.
Keeping out of the wind, I found this Whitetail buck laying down. It is looking like he is going to have a great set of antlers, the base that is showing so far look to be pretty close to the size of the base of his ears.
The best part of spring is the all the "love" in the air. Even with the heavy "breeze" this Western Meadowlark was singing his heart out.
I had thought that the Swans had all moved through for the spring, but I found a couple of hundred in a small pond. They were a long way off, but I did grab a flight shot of few of them.
With no sign of the wind easing up I thought I would head home. Hopefully tomorrow things will be better:)

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