Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pine Grosbeak, Chipmunk, Varying Hare on our Last Sunday walk on the Winter course (20130331)

We were greeted with threatening skies and cool fresh air. With it being Easter Sunday we were pretty light on the attendance. The parking lot was quiet, on our first stop we spied a couple of Redpolls, Chickadees and a pair of Least Chipmunks.
Down the trail a bit was this lone Pine Grossbeak. she was quite comfortable with me getting close to her.
Down by bridge we found our second Least Chipmunk of the morning, in among the rocks.
Now I'm going to do something I don't normally do.  But that's only because I am not a very good action shooter. Here is a series of the Easter Bunny trying not to get caught before he is finished delivering his eggs.
From all stretched out to all tucked in. This is a example of how their back legs get up passed their nose when they run.
They can cover ground very quickly, and it takes no time to get stretched out again.
I have a couple more in the series, but will end it here. If you look close you will see that it is starting to turn back it its summer brown.
A great little encounter, I spent a little more time trying to get some closer shots of this guy but was unsuccessful. I'll finish this post up with a Rose Breasted  Nuthatch with a seed. ( no crop)
That wraps up this post, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks so you will have to keep checking in! Have a great wildlife week!

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