Monday, 29 April 2013

American Robin, GHO, Rednecked Grebe A little better day (20130428)

Well the weatherman was marginally kinder to us this morning, it wasn't snowing, or raining, but it was still pretty windy. Right at the parking lot there is a nest of GHO's, so there was a lot of early action, I thought that I would wait until the light improved a little. The owls have plenty of company around the parking lot, like this American Robin.
We found the male GHO, he is looking pretty light in the this environment.
In spite of the poor weather and tough conditions over the last couple of weeks the migrants continue to show up, this mornings walk showed us our first American White Pelican. These are great birds.
On the pond the first Common Loon was the star, but these Red Necked Grebes were a viable second. They weren't quite as shy as the loon, so I got the better image of them.
As we returned to the parking lot, I thought I would grab another image of the male GHO, even though he is in a much darker environment, he still is able to hide quite effectively with his lighter shades.
I thought that I better throw in a shot of Mom, on the nest. There is some question as to just how many owlets are in the nest, some folks think that there may be as many as four. This is an odd angle, but you can see the fluffy little birds under mom's gaze!
That wraps up today, I hope you have a Great wildlife week!

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