Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spruce Grouse, GGO, Northern Shrike on a Saturday tour- Looking for access (20130413)

Boy what a rotten weather week, I guess that over the year, and years things even out. I will say that I am missing that fabulous California light:)  .  Knowing that the weather was going to be crap, I decided to sleep in and and head out later in the morning with the hope of picking up some permissions in the Northwest.
I spotted this rooster Franklin's Grouse and tried to talk him into sticking around, but with heavy winds even these tolerant birds can be quite spooky.
He even jumped up on a stump for me, but with the fence and grasses in the way, and how spooky the bird was, I wan't able to get a very good shot.
A little after this I bumped into a gentlemen that provided permission for me to take photo's on his property, I need to contact his daughter for arrangements. But he mentioned that he had about 5000 acres, would would be just fantastic. I will be making contact this week.
Despite of the weather I was also able to "hunt up" a GGO.
Even thought his shot looked like he was hunting, shortly after this he spun and flew back into the pines.
After some preening, I figured that he would be settling back there for a good portion of the day. I actually drove by this spot about 90 minutes later and he was still sitting in exactly the same spot :)
There was not a lot "out and about" due to the conditions, but I found a trusty Whitetail to pose for me.
This next shot is a long distance Northern Shrike. You can get an idea of how hard it was snowing at times.
That wraps today. So inspite of the poor weather a very successful day. It was a great way to wrap up the Wildlife Week here in Canada.

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  1. still blowing and snowing here in the mountains of Colorado. Spring Storms!!! Good thing the feeder is out, hoping for many more photo ops.