Sunday, 14 April 2013

If last week was "rotten" this week was Miserable (20130414) Sunday morning walk

Boy, let me tell you I don't know what is going on with the weather, but it has just seemed to be miserable all week. With wet heavy snow and brisk winds we headed out. The area we were today is primarily a waterfowl area, and it held to that reputation today. With the conditions I took the back up camera and lens.
While the rest of the crew were "scoping" the pond, I took a little walk in the woods and found this pair.
They were positioned low on this tree, and were quite approachable.
They were on the lee side of the tree, just hoping not to be found by those intrusive "birders"!
 On this shot you can see that the male has both red and black in his moustache, this would indicate that he is a hybrid of both the Yellow and Red shafted Flickers. Alberta is known for this to be common.
I did also grab an image  of this Black billed Magpie, you can see the snow on the back.
I'll wrap up this post and Wildlife Week here in Canada hoping that better weather and photo opps are on their way. I am hoping to get one one night in the upcoming week.

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