Sunday, 7 April 2013

Goose, Gull, Nuthatch What a rotten day. (20130407) Sunday walk.

This morning was a brutal day, it was heavy overcast sky with freezing rain falling. This morning was the first of our "spring walks" and someone neglected to tell the weatherman that it supposed to be spring! We started of at the river with Goldeneyes, gulls, and Merganser's aplenty. We stopped by and saw the nesting pair of GHO's and the Geese are everywhere staking out their nesting territories.
Everything seemed to be keeping a low profile with the weather the way it was, one Whitebreasted Nuthatch  made an appearance.
The Northern Flickers have also returned in abundance, and they were out today trying to scratch out a meal.
It was a miserable day, and I'm certain the deer were feeling every bit as bad.
During our loop through Hulls Wood we picked up some American Tree Sparrows and a pair of Killdeer. There were plenty of gulls flying around and I was able to get a couple of shots even though the light was bad.
And here is a second, I usually don't shoot these guys, but it was a slow day.
This wrapped up our day. The bad news is that the weather is supposed to be brutal for the next week or so. I hope we have some good luck next week.

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