Monday, 2 December 2013

Buffleheads, Eagles, Pheasants (20131126) Nova Scotia Catch-up

Well I have been a little re-miss in getting my last couple of posts out from my Nova Scotia trip, so Hopefully I can get this rectified and get myself back on track and my viewers up to date. Len and I headed over to the Hubbards/Deep Cove area to do a little exploring to see if we could find the NCC property located there. On the drive over we were presented with an opportunity to grab these buffleheads.
we found the property and did a little exploring but our time was limited so we headed back home, hopefully he and David will be able to get out there for a "track" in the spring and summer of next year. The next day we took a ride over to Cape Split, a new spot for us, but a place that we will return to when we have more time and the weather is better. It is a 16km long round trip, to the tip of the park, stuck out into the Bay of Fundy. I grabbed my first ever Rough Legged hawks that I have seen in NS.
It was dancing on the 50 kph winds we were enjoying during our tour:) We did also manage to scrounge up a couple of Bald Eagles on the trip.
For those of you that may be unaware, the Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tide diferentials in all of North America. I believe the tide was already on the way in, but as you can see, this boat has a long way to go before it will be supported by enough water to float it to the point you could walk onto it from the dock!
On the way back we found this nice '50's looking spot, I believe the white car is a DeSoto, the make of car that the original Batmobile was based upon. I love the look of this unit:)
This is a property that looks like it is in the process of trying to "recreate" a certain atmosphere, here is a shot of another building.  There were other vehicles in various states of repair hanging around as well.

Before we got home Len spotted this Pheasant, these aren't great shots, but...
And my best wing shot this year, I think.
The next day I went out on my own, Len was back at work, and I found a few Bald Eagles.
Here is a shot of 5 different birds, I believe that there were at least 7 in this area. the conditions just didn't allow for any closer shots. I'll also throw a shot in here of a Cooper's hawk.
I'll wrap this post up here. The weather had provided very difficult conditions for shooting, it was dark and windy most of the time I was "down the Valley".

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