Thursday, 5 December 2013

Horned Lark, Snow Buntings (20131204) Snowy Investigation.

Although there have been a few Snowy Owls seen around here this year it is nothing like the irruption happening on the east coast. Everyone is scratching their head over why this has happened after just having a great year two years ago.  Since Jamie and I had spotted a couple of birds further north I thought I would check my route that has been so productive over the past two years. It has been cold here and we just had a blizzard go through so there was no telling what I might find. The first birds of note was a small flock of 100 buntings, and just up the road I found some Horned Larks.
With the wind fluffing these birds they look like little cotton balls.
I found a flock of 20+ Grey's but with the open country and windy conditions they weren't sticking around for photo's.  My next encounter was with a large (3-500) flock of Snow Buntings.
I was fortunate that I was able to sit in the truck as they worked around in the nearby field. It is the first time I have been this lucky. This guy looks like he doesn't like the taste of his seed.
It was a great way to while away a little of the afternoon. These little birds are quite intricantly coloured.
I guess that with a lack of water in these temperatures a little snow comes in handy.
I found several small flocks of Larks and there were a lot of Magpies out and about. I spotted 4 Whitetails and three Mule Deer. A great day considering the -20C weather and 30kph winds. I hope we get some of these migrating Snowys to settle in the area, they are just a joy to shoot! Have a great day,

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