Monday, 2 December 2013

Snowy Owls, Grey Partridge. Coyote (20131201) Outing with Jamie

Recent reports of Snowy owls have had Jamie and I anxious to get out and get some early shots. The day had some promise and our hopes were high as we headed out around 7:15 a.m. The promise of the day held true as we found our first Owl just prior to sun up.
This owl almost disappeared on this fence post. With the past couple of years of great Snowy activity we were not expecting to find any this year, their irruptions are unpredictable at best. Let'see if you can find our second Owl in this shot, it doesn't look anything like Waldo.
We found this owl 30 minutes after we left our first of the day. We were fortunate that after watching it for a little while it decided to move a little closer to us. I was able to get a couple of images of it landing on the fence line.
After it landed and got squared away in the new location, it did a little "fluff".
Hee is a little wider view of the environment. It was a great looking morning.
And here is a final look at our second, and last owl of the morning.
We covered a lot of ground and found very little, a couple of coyotes and a Prairie Falcon that wouldn't stop for us to get photo's. We did see a couple of flocks of Grey Partridge, there were at least twenty birds in flock.
On the way home we found this very cooperative Coyote. It seemed to be just standing out in the field for some reason. It just moved off, but not due to us.
The day started off with a boom and then whimpered out pretty much by 10:00. We did see a couple of flocks of Snow Buntings, one of about 100 birds and the second had 2-300 birds. I great day in the flats around Calgary. It looks like a year where if you drop by I might be able to get you your own Snowy experience!

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