Monday, 2 December 2013

Pheasants, Ducks, Ruffed Grouse (20131127) Last couple of days in N.S.

For my last couple of days in Nova Scotia I returned to Len's place, he is much closer to the airport when departure time comes. As you know when you are Len's Pheasants are the target and we were visited often. This shot wa taken through the living room window.
This fellow didn't hang around long, so I cracked off a second shot.
Inspite of the rain and breeze we decided to take a little ride and grabbed this bird right in the neighbourhood.
Are you getting tired of thesepheasant shots yet? Not me, I love that I get the chance to photo them.
We swung by the same route we took when I was down last year. We spotted this Northern Shoveler, the first good look Len has had at one of these units.
I liked the colours presented in the light we had of these female Mallards wings.
We topped our drive off with this nice Ruffed Grouse. He was quite a distance up a tree with powerful backlighting. I was lucky to get any detail at all out of this shot.
This pretty well wrapped up the Nova Scotia trip. I am anxious to get back to Calgary and the best wildlife spots in Canada for some real activity:)

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