Monday, 9 December 2013

Horses and Moose (20131207) Supplemental to an excellent day!

When you have a day like Kerri and I had supplemental posts are a great way of providing you all with a couple more images, and impressions on the day. Don't be mistaken, when I say a day like we had, I mean a whole day. I picked Kerri up @ 8:00 a.m. and returned her home right around 5:30 p.m. truly a full day.
Here are a couple of shots from our first herd of the day, the first is a mare that I believe might be pregnant, but it is so hard to tell with these mountain horses as they have developed the real barrel type bodies.
 This next shot is of a foal that ws with the first group we found. I really like the colouration of its mane and tail, especially how the top of the tail starts off dark then lightens up.
I thought that I would throw this shot of moose into the mix as it shows the type of environment that they live in, these stream bottoms are full of deadfalls and rocky terrain. These magnificant animals move through that tangle like we walk on hardwood floors.
And while see where they live, did you find the second moose in the shot? these two big fellas have been hanging out together and they move almost in sync.
And now lads bow to the left :)
A beautiful pair of mature mammals. And now back to some Wild horse shots of the day. This is a shot of one of the mares in the second group we found, I love the snow falling from the tree around the horse.
Youngsters seemed to be at a premium with only one or two per herd, here is a shot of our third herd colt, there were 6 horses in that group.
Here is a shot of "Dirty Face's" colt on the run. We were in poor position with regards to the sun so I have had to lighten this up quite a bit. Even at this age these critters move through their environment with a great deal of confidence. The don't really run fast, but a lot faster than I could ever attain:)
Here is a shor of another horse from that herd, I believe it is great example of the structure of these horses. They are short legged, stocky build, with a bulky head.
This is a brand new herd tht I know I have never seen before, it seems to be led by this Bay Mare, but has nine blacks in the population!  Another beautiful herd of 10 horses, and I believe only one of them is a youngster.
I will conclude this wild horse and Moose supplemental post here. As you can see we had great light, and some cooperative subjects. At 56 ponies, that is a personal best for me, although I have never gone out to try and finad as many as possible. I am confident if we had been in the area earlier, and stayed later we could have easily "found" more of these majestic animals. In my opinion this is a terrific natural resource that many people are totally unaware of, what a great place to live and hunt of photography subjects.

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