Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bison, Moose (20140128) Moose hot spot.

I was speaking with Jamie on Monday night and he asked me about a phenomenon that he experienced on Saturday morning. He found 20 moose in a very small area on one of our favourite roads. I explained that in the conditions we have right now moose will "yard" just like deer do. The conditions include a deep snow with a hard crusty top. This allows wolves to travel on top the snow and easily overtake a moose having to wade through the impediment. As I mentioned in a previous post, the conditions are also driving moose to stay very close to their food supplies. Shot @ 160 ISO. No crop.
I know I said in the last post that folks are probably sick of seeing moose, but when the opportunity has to be taken right?  Anyway following Jamie's lead I headed out to see if they would be there on Tuesday morning.
While I didn't get to count 20, as they started to disperse as soon as I stopped the truck, I am certain that I found at least 17 different critters:) That last shot was of one of the two best looking bulls in the herd, here is the other.
There may have been bulls present that sported larger antlers earlier in the year, but these boys were the current kings of the hill. Fences are really presenting difficulties for these big critters.
In another area Jamie had told me that he had been spotting a GGO both Saturday and Sunday, so I stopped to see if I could find the bird, but no luck. I did however have a little time to look at this beautiful old homestead building. I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw in a shot for Zel and Tim and the other Landscape folks:)
On the way out it was nice to see the bison out enjoying the sun.
While these are farm raised animals it would be fantastic to see them once again in the wild. There is talk of re-releasing them into the Banff area. I am fully supporting that idea!
I also found a new "route" that holds the promise of grouse, moose, deer, grosbeaks and Orioles come the spring. It has been a fantastic week so far and it is only Tuesday!  Come on out to Calgary and let me show you some of the sights.

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  1. So glad you were able to see all the moose and thanks for the explanation (I might just pray for more snow now :) ) Jamie