Monday, 20 January 2014

GHO, Chick (20140112) First Winter walk

Well it is time for the winter bird walk sessions to start up again. FCPP is the spot that we start, there are always cooperative birds that "hook" the newcomers:)
White Breasted Nuthatches here are willing to come to seeds in the hand.
Downy  and Hairy woodpeckers are always present as well. Here is a female Downy.
Of course the Chickadees were also there to be coaxed in for seeds from the hand. The newbies love this experience, it works every time.
 The other really excellent hook, is the sight of an owl on the first day out:)
We spotted all four of the local "citizen" GHO's that are within walking distance of the main offices. This is the mate of the owl shown above.
While we had a great day, with heavy overcast skies, we were cautioned on what our expectations should be this year given a number of conditions that exist here in Calgary this year. So we will see what we are able to find.

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