Monday, 27 January 2014

Flicker, Downy, Goldeneye (20140126) Another Sunday walk in difficult conditions.

It was a chilly and blowy morning as we headed out, there was rumours that the sun may make an appearance sometime later in the day. As we swung by the river to see the normal ducks, geese, and the odd bald eagle. As we got away from the river and into the trees we started finding Chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches. We found this female Flicker just after her mate flew away.
The bushes were very thick but I was able to find a clearer spot after a bit.
Up the trail we found this male Downy Woodpecker, he was flitting around with a female not very far away. Although it is only January, it would appear the sap is starting to run:)
Along the river a Goldeneye presented in the bright sun. I find their eyes to be very difficult to capture properly.
As is always the case, the Chickadees were around although they were not very friendly.
The breeze today never let up and the temperature stayed low. All around a pretty slow day, but it was great to get out and walk! Calgary has a terrific plethora of parks to explore, come on down and we can do a tour.

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