Thursday, 2 January 2014

Cardinals, Goldfinches, Chickadee (20131230)

Finally a little light on the 30th and I have a plan. Although on the wrong side of the sun, I have decided to set up in the outdoor shower unit to see if the birds would accept me into their space.  Of course the Chickadees were first to show, and the Goldfinches were next to appear.
It is nice that I was able to catch them in the cedar bushes as opposed to on the feeder, although the shots on the feeder were much closer.
It is too bad that they are sporting their winter feathers, these birds look great when they are in their breeding colours.
This make will be looking great in his lemon yellow and black wings and cap. Perhaps I will get some good shots of these birds this summer.
There was a small flock of Juncos flitting about. This was the only one that wasn't strictly grey and white, I prefer a little brown in these birds.
Of course you have to leave the little birds to do their thing and get comfortable before the "Redbirds" will show up.
These Chickadees, are tough to get on the feeder as they zing in, get a seed and zing out, it was nice to catch this little fella resting in the cedars.
Of course the whole set up here was to get some shots of the Cardinals. It was great to have a plan that came together. I couldn't get them in the sunlight but they are still beautiful birds.
Like the Bluebirds the females of this specie look pretty good too. I love the ladies, what can I say?
The previous shot doesn't really show off her colour, this shot is a little bland as well by you can get the idea.
I was pleased when this "other" red bird I believe it is a House Finch. More gorgeous colour in our season of browns, greys and whites.
One more shot of the Goldfinches before I close out this post. It was a terrific day with some great opportunities.
Here is a final male Cardinal from the day. I hope you were able to get out over the Holidays and enjoy some of nature.
Sorry for the long post, it was a terrific day of standing in the great outdoors. Tomorrow it is off home and get ready for our 3rd annual New Years Run.

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