Monday, 20 January 2014

Various birds (Jan 2014) Griffiths Woods

There had been a Great Grey, and a Northern Pygmy Owl reported in Griffith Woods park at the edge of the city on the weekend so I spent a couple of days wondering around to see what I could find. No owls, but other birds made their presence known. This is a couple of about 200 Bohemian waxwings that were about. The day was very grey, these birds are on my list to get better images of.
On a piece of the water were three common goldeneyes. This is one of them.
On Wednesday the Kingfisher made an unexpected appearance.
 I don't often shoot squirrels but this little guy was presented in the tree with great light, so you gotta take a shot when you get a chance like that.
For this Hairy woodpecker, it was quite the opposite, I had to get deep in the heavy woods to find this fellow that was tapping on this tree.
It was a lot of time spent for very limited results, but that is the way that wildlife can treat you, there can be drought that lasts for days or weeks. Have a Great Wildlife day.

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