Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ice, Turkey's, Cardinal (20131229) Various days.

Along with the great icy shots from my last post, I thought I would throw in  couple of night shots. I took a short walk around the neighbourhood and found some interesting stuffl.
I didn't want to use a flash or anything, just try and represent what was there.
It was a terrific walk, with a lot of great views, But all this beauty had a terrible price and the destruction of these mature trees will take decades to repair. Here is a shot of a single roadway, just look at the tops of the trees.

A couple of days later I took a run for a quick visit with my Brother and his wife, while I was there we took a spin over to Orangeville and found this small flock of 7 Turkeys.
The deep snow and heavy ice covered trees will make it hard on these birds to survive the winter through to spring. I am observing the same situation in the Calgary area. We have higher snow levels than normal and our weather has been considerably colder than normal.
It is still great to see these re-introduced birds doing so well in Ontario. These were bonus birds for me as I wasn't expecting to find any of these beauties, what I was looking forward to was shooting some "red" birds.
It was great to see that after only an hour of putting the Sister-in Law's bird feeder we had activity from two pairs of Cardinals and a number of other birds present. Here is a shot of the second male.
It was unfortunate that we had poor light. Maybe I will get some light tomorrow. Let's see what comes with the morning sun.

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