Monday, 27 January 2014

Snowy's, Snowy's, Snowy's, Grey, and A Prairie Falcon (20140127)

I am certain that viewers are getting tired of all the moose shots this month so I thought that I would see if there were any Snowy owls to be found. It has been a month or more that I have expended a concerted effort for these birds. Conditions were supposed to be ideal, -18C with a clear sunny sky, so off I headed. 8:45 was the time I found my first bird of the day, a fence line bird.
I found bird 2 just 20 minutes later, this was a pole bird. Unusually this was a three line pole, they tend to like the singles.
A half hour later I finally spotted some of the many Grey Partridge that seemed to be ever present in the air.
Snowy 3 was also a fence bird. This one was quite a piece off the road so I had plenty of time to set up and shoot.
Three Snowy's in 90 minutes it was turning into a great day, I am hoping that it continues:)  Next up was another group of Grey's.
This is turning into a long post, and there is a ton of stuff still to come. At 11:15 I found the fourth bird of the day, my first of several "ground" birds.  When Snowy's are on the ground like this they are even less approachable, so shots of ground birds are always long distance:(

Less than a half hour later I found Bird 5. This was the most cooperative bird of the bird of the day. I really appreciated the willingness of this bird to "sit" for me, particularly with the light and sky available! This shot is not "cropped" at all.

The Grey Partridge were being more accommodating than usual, this is a group of 5 of about 30-35 birds that were in this particular field.
At quarter to one Bird 6 made an appearance, another "pole" bird this was a single line pole which is where I find the majority of these birds.
Finishing up the day it was the ground birds that became more evident.
This is one of two birds that were located in this field. I was going to try and get them lined up to appear in the same shot, but they were too far apart.
One field bird I found was a little too close to the road for comfort, when I stopped to get photo's he vacated the area, so no shots were taken. My last bird of the day was a fence bird. I don't know why but none of my images turned out well enough to post.  I will wrap up this post with a shot that is probably my best Prairie Falcon shot to-date.

That shot was taken just before 2:00 p.m. making a super finish to the day. 12 Snowy owls, and a Prairie, with probably 130-200 Grey Partridge. Come on down and have an exceptional day with me.

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