Friday, 28 February 2014

Three toed, Mouse/vole (20140226) An outing cut short.

I was loving the presence of sun and thought a brief stroll wouldn't hurt. So I headed out to the park for a bit of a cruise. Before searching for the owls I headed into the area where I missed the Brown Creeper on Sunday. While lurking in the area I found this mouse/vole that "someone" had left in a spruce tree. I believe that this was "cached" there by an owl, and as such I will try and keep an eye on it.
So this had me on high alert looking for an Northern Saw-whet. It would have been a real highlight if I could have spotted one, but no dice. I did however find a male three toed woodpecker working high up on a dead tree.
Due to the height that the bird was working I couldn't get a shot of his yellow crest. I suffered a little mishap which required me to return quickly home and ended my outing. All is well and I should be able to get out again soon. Sorry for the short post, but I thought you would be interested in seeing these critters.

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