Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Blue Jays, Goldfinch Chipmunks (20160427) A little backyard birding

First and foremost a Happy 25th wedding anniversary to beautiful bride!

We didn't have any "big do" planned for a Tuesday, so I set up in the back yard to see what I could capture. I am finding that the red buds of the Maple are providing a great additional colour to many of the shots. First up a male Goldfinch. These are late breeders so the males are not in full plummage yet.
It is nice to see the Juncos around the yard again. It will also be nice to see the youngsters when they arrive.
Quite often I am able to get a single Jay in a nice setting but today I managed to grab these two adult birds, again with the bright Maple buds. Now if only I could find a Raptor I would have all the Toronto sports teams in one shot :)
One of the local Yellow-shafted Flickers was kind enough to drop by and put in an appearance.
Both of my local Chipmunks put in appearance, here is my most copperative subject. I like the little sand grains on his head.
Here is the second, of the two, he hangs around the edges a lot more.
Here is the two of them, and you can see why Number 1 owns the yard.
Later in the day the Jays returned and sat in the grass for me.
A second shot which I really like. I think I must move to a Fullframe to capture higher quality images of these birds.
The other subject for todays post is our family's latest addition. And if times get tough I now know that I have a terrific subject to shoot right here at home. Meet Bizzy!
Be certain to put a little wild in "your" life.  Turbo

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