Sunday, 29 May 2016

Oven Bird, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Creeper (20160524-26) A new park with some new birds!

Just hanging around the house do to very unpredictable weather. It is always nice to see all the spider webs around, it means the hummers have lots of material to build their nests.
I am guilty of overlooking Canada's bird too often so here is a yard Chicky.
I almost missed out on this rather large lady when she popped in to do a little ant eating. I have been hearing the Pileateds quite often so they are never far away.
It pays to keep the equipment ready around here this time of year. Two days later I hooked up with Angela, one of the CSI ladies from last December. We headed over to Jerry Lawrence Park, a place I had never been. While waited for her to arrive I shot this Rhodora.
I also managed to grab a very quick image of this little Brown Creeper. I haven't been seeing them around home lately.
After getting together and progressing nicely through our stroll, we were entertained by this little Chestnut-sided Warbler.
This is a new bird for the Blog, so as is my custom, when I am able, I like to add a second image. Here you go!
The next blog "lifer" on this trip is the Oven bird, another Warbler sided denizen of the woods. Its call is a rather loud "teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher".
Now that I know how to find them, I will be looking forward to getting some higher quality images in the future.
And now for the third blog "lifer" in a single day, a Black-throated Blue Warbler.
As you can see from the sky the light was terrible. Again a bird I will be working on in order to better quality images. So for the poor evidence shots. This one shows the white wing patches.
We were also fortunate enough to spot this little Bull Frog, my first of the year.
A super day except of the lighting conditions, but I will be back there with better light one day. Put some "wild" in your life, you might see something you have never found before.

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