Monday, 30 May 2016

Redstart, Red-breasted Grosbeak, Northern Parula (20160527) A great walk on a new trail

Angela was kind enough to be guide of the day once more for this trip out to the Brooklyn area here in Nova Scotia. We were a little later than ideal but still had a super walk. We started off with a Humming bird and a large brown bird that I think may have been a Thrasher. Our first photographable subject was this Red-eyed Vireo.
Our next bird is not common in NS, so getting a shot is always a bonus. I only have one other shot on the blog, I think, of a Veery. This is an evidence only shot.
Our primary target bird for Angela today was a Red-breasted Grosbeak, and today they were cooperative and put in an appearnce for us.
Shooting up into the canopy with such "white" skies make for difficult lighting.
We were even able to find a well hidden and distant female.
For those Calvin and Hobbs fans, we have missed them in the papers over the past many years. I expect Calvin is all grown up but I think we found where Hobbs the tiger has been hanging out. Not many people know that tigers are water critters.
Our next subject was this beautiful little Black-and-White Warbler. The air was just full of song.
 Birds were not the only subjects, I couldn't pass up on this little bush that seemed to have flowers on it.
As we neared the far end of our walk we were treated to this beautiful male Redstart, only second time posted on the blog.
This next image is a but of a curiousity for me. I don't know if it is a female Redstart or a female Northern Parula. I would be interested in your vote.
We were trying to get some Yellow-bellied Sapsucker photos, but they did not allow us to get close at all. What did pose briefly for me is this little Flycatcher.
We hustled out most of the way back to the truck, but did slow down as we neared the truck. A little Junco got our attention as it was kicking up a fuss on the trail side. We immediately found the agitator and was super surprised, and pleased, to find this little female Northern Parula.
We also found a couple of Yellow Warblers, more Flycatchers and even a Common Yellowthroat to add to another humming bird. That wraps up a very successful and pleasant stroll on this beautiful walk with Angela. Put some "wild" in your life!

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